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Please make sure to read the header of my journal if I just faved you something, and consider what it says :)


pOrtal Fanart - GLaDOS by darquepinkpaper

Because of her outfit, the cables, the box and the little robot close to the cupcake, I could assume GlaDos is a character for (or from...


For my first critique, I'm lucky to have chosen your newest work. Your art, BTD, has always inspired in many ways my own drawings, mayb...



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Hi guys, how are you? Wishing all the best for yourselves and those close to you on behalf of myself and the Friendsies. Enjoying your summer?

Remember that each comment you left during the month on any drawing for the Friendsies (the gallery) equals one of your deviations making it to this list and therefore a little extra exposure. So don't hesitate to keep participating month after month! And the more you comment, more of your deviations will make it here, and the happier the girls will be since they really enjoy to talk. Enjoy not only your own but also those of fellow commenters!

A Plain Old Fruit Bowl by BorisFedorov Realization by ChrisDonnell Posing a Threat by ChrisDonnell Flower Girl II by DarklightseekerArt My most hated Sonic character. (the game series) by GregoryFields Ruby T-Shirt by HumanSVD The Great Reunion a ComaShipping FanficMorning broke slowly through the glass door leading out to the balcony on the east side of the hotel room.   It was still early, but the light made its way over across the floor and on top of our sleeping hero.  Ash rolled slightly to the right without trying to turn his back to the incoming glow and to grab a few more minutes of sleep.   It was instinctive and he wasn't fully awake yet.  He closed his eyes groggily again and tried to collect some more sleep. It was a fruitless effort as the light crept further and further in and over him during the next few minutes.  
Fighting a losing battle, the young Pokémon trainer decided to make the best of things and opened his eyes once again. Several things had changed from when he had fallen asleep several hours ago.  The covers of the bed had been wrapped warmly around him quite tightly to fight off the cold.  Paul was absent from the bed beside him where the other had laid the night before.  H
Naoki by Kell0x Pesha and Yofiel by Kell0x Persona Time for theh Gloorz by Kell0x Lost In The Caves by Legnifralhea19 Will She Survive? Is She Dinner In Bed? by Legnifralhea19 I Dream of Fossils by LittleDisneyMagic Pura Vida Seleccion by Mau506SK Ru-Chan as Ahri by Mau506SK Juego de palabras 2 by Mau506SK Borzoi of my purple dreams by Solkatt this silly girl by thefan2 LazyI am bored I know I will make fun of a fundamental Christian but I don’t feel like making fun of a Chick Tract. Oh well I guess I will go to the website that I got the pics of The Marriage Mess from.
Renka:  yo Jason what are you doing?
Me:  I am going to make fun of a comic by a fundamentalist Christian.
Renka:  well good luck with that.
Me:  oh no it isn’t Jack Chick.
Renka:  ok now I am interested.
Sometime later.
Me:  ok here we go a comic by Tim Todd from Truth for Youth.
Renka:  well since I know you this guy will most likely be horrible artist.

Renka:  or this guy will at least know what kids are into and have the comic have an anime feel.
Me:  yeah trust me I use to have the Truth for Youth bible thing I really just read the comics because you know I am an anime geek and all.
Renka:  but why does the comic look like it has been chopped in half.
Me:  I think wanted to make it easier on
My Cutie Student Game Character: Ayumu Yoshika by tophxomi Breaking Dead by TylerReitan Water Link by TylerReitan

The group where regular commenters have decided to exchange their feature slots for some of their favorites:

Look to the Skies-Digital Color by LordDominic It's a statue of me by Rolnik-kun Where Amtrak has not gone by DragonWolfACe Happy Eid by Digi-M Hans And Greta Up In The Sky by bunnyfriend Chibiusa's Giant Balancing Act by MasterOfRa spring chibi by meago Tenshi Tickles by Ticklesogood

Do you already follow Friendsies on Facebook? If not, and you're into it (and them), what are you waiting for? And if you already do, don't forget to like or comment their posts as often as you can so that you always get their latest posts on your news feed. Otherwise you'll have to constantly visit the page for new updates, as they will stop showing up on your news feed.

On the other hand, if you have a page, don't hesitate to share it there too! And it will be shared and followed by me. I've already done that with several pages, and it has yielded good results in terms of attracting new fans to a page :)

Remember, Friendsies is more than just the drawings you see here. It's all about friendship and how cute and sincere it can be on its purest form, as its members have told (or tried to) so far. And of course, about each of the girls  and the group as a whole. And at the very end, there go the drawings with their style and such... but again, at the very end. If every time you see their drawings you don't acknowledge the characters within, then I've failed... harsh but true. Have you noticed that the focus on my comments is more about characters than style?

See you again on next month's feature and take care!


Chema Mtz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome to the world of the Friendsies!

The Friendsies is the group of 8 young girls who are the main characters of most of the lovely drawings you see on this page. They have a great deal of fun among themselves, and even if they're at ease together with each other they absolutely love to meet new people whenever there's a chance. So what are you waiting to follow their every day adventures? Just take a look at all they have done and stay tuned to what they still plan to do! Even if this might not be your favorite art style or theme, there could be something from the Friendsies that you could relate either to yourself or someone you know...

All Friendsies art (Ludy, Shannon, Aida, Dora, Sita, Mari Fer, Nuria and Flora, as well as Lillian, Renata, Valeria and any other future supporting characters) ©Chema Mtz (Yitzin) Any other characters are the property of their respective owners, which are always submitted as fanart and properly credited if their owners are fellow deviants.

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