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deviation in storage by doodle-happyme
Please make sure to read the header of my journal if I just faved you something, and consider what it says :)


pOrtal Fanart - GLaDOS by darquepinkpaper

Because of her outfit, the cables, the box and the little robot close to the cupcake, I could assume GlaDos is a character for (or from...


For my first critique, I'm lucky to have chosen your newest work. Your art, BTD, has always inspired in many ways my own drawings, mayb...




Shall we dance by Yitzin
Shall we dance
Whether Aida, Sita and Flora are really dancing is up to how you see them, but at least they seem to be having lots of fun! Don't you wish to join the party? The more people who join, the more exciting it will be!

Alright Mari Fer, we really need to talk. Maybe drag you away from Flora, if needed. While you haven't done any harm to her (fortunately), you've been acting weird while she's around. You even break the fashion theme I intended for this scene with your hoodie and pants. Sita, can you lend her a dress? One you don't care too much about, of course... Yes, it has to be a dress, like the ones Sita wears. Let's see if a good slice of cherry pie helps to boost your mood...

Next to last drawing for 2014! And maybe of... we'll talk about later.
Goodbye fall by Yitzin
Goodbye fall
So this one was supposed to be our fall themed drawing for this year, except for... well, the bad timing I had to post it. Taking into account that many areas have even received snow so far, or in my case a couple of cold snaps, this one could be more to say goodbye to fall instead of hello! And in typical Friendsies fashion, it's still warm for them!

What, Mari Fer? You don't like it? That's too bad from you-- if you want we can exchange places. I'd be absolutely delighted to be there! But with myself and -especially- you girls not wearing anything heavier than a light hoodie or sweater :D

Two more to go before 2014 ends!
Remember to like our Facebook page too!… Do it and spam them with your likes and comments, too! Otherwise you won't be able to catch up with them when this profile stops updating...

PD copy, paste and remove the string for direct access; apparently dA hasn't seem to get over that outgoing page trick from several years ago and for some reason still embeds it on all such links...
Reading with Nuria by Yitzin
Reading with Nuria
Nothing better than start reading a new book! Right, Nuria? More so if it's on your favorite spot with a drink and everything. But even better if it were with more comfortable clothes, since the red jumpsuit doesn't seem too comfy done all the way up and after a long day. Can't tell which book is it, but you can either suggest among your favorites or leave the "Title goes here" title :XD:

Psst... call Sita now! I need someone to piss her off!!!
Join us on Facebook too!

Hi guys, how are you? Wishing all the best for yourselves and those close to you on behalf of myself and the Friendsies. Have you enjoyed the new season so far?

Had to skip September's feature because sadly, not enough people commented... however this feature also includes comments from both September and October Remember that each comment you left during the month on any drawing for the Friendsies (the gallery) equals one of your deviations making it to this list and therefore a little extra exposure. So don't hesitate to keep participating month after month! And the more you comment, more of your deviations will make it here, and the happier the girls will be since they really enjoy to talk. Enjoy not only your own but also those of fellow commenters!

Looking Towards The Falls by BorisFedorov Classic Rock Wallpaper by BorisFedorov Hans and Greta - Cake Stomp by bunnyfriend Celeste, Hada de los Ensuenos - Update 2014 by bunnyfriend Das Hasenhaus - Hans and Greta's Cookie House by bunnyfriend Magic Girls by gamefanPPG Horror Movie by gamefanPPG Defiant and Angry Racers by GregoryFields We'll fight till the end! by GregoryFields Candlehead collage by GregoryFields PreStream 10-04-14 by Jazzds Skateshaded by jenniferstory Bedtime Story by jenniferstory Eva and Faust -My blood- by Kell0x Got ur girl by Kell0x Its his world -Mammon- by Kell0x Monia Rebirth by Kell0x I Gotcha Now Logi! :D by KHVathiel I Felt Hyper listening to Lavender Town Syndrome?(NOTE: GRAMMAR WARNING! BAD AT ENGLISH!)
Hello everyone! I am Kuhuhuhuhu otherwise known as "Good Job Cat"!
Lately I was browsing through youtube, and finding old things I remembered. 
Remember 'Lavender Town Syndrome?'. The Creepy song that made kids do suicide in Japan?
I was listening to the song, and read through most-of-the-comments
Here is the video I was looking at:
Many people freaked out. This song is scary to those who are sensitive or easily breakable. Recommended to to not listen to this song if you are like that. ALTHOUGH!! This song can have a positive effect!
You may be asking me: "ARE YOU CRAZY?"
HECK NO! I am not insane. I just thought of something. When I was done listening to the whole song, I felt really HAPPY and HYPER. This may just be because I like horror, or that I easily laugh at scary stuff. This morning, at 7 AM through 4 PM, I
Happy Howloween (Contest Entry) by LittleDisneyMagic The Many Faces of Sota (Contest Entry) by LittleDisneyMagic I need coins! by Mau506SK I love to fly by Mau506SK MileeAiaive by Raakone  Dia de muertos by Rayiman Once upon a misty dream by Solkatt Short Story: NatashaNarrator:  in Columba a stereotypical fairy tail looking kingdom lives the birdwings humans with well bird wings and humans also live in this place but can easily get wings from the Wings Seller a magical being that greets you and cast a spell that last until you get to the barrier of Columba. However there is one very interesting little child in Columba well a couple but this one is a cyborg her name is Crystalic Natasha she is an 8 years old and her left arm and right leg are metal and the right side of her face is also metal she is wearing a white shirt and hazel colored shorts and has lime soda colored eyes and has cyan colored hair this is Crystalic Natasha.
Gilea:  *a 7 year old girl with pink hair and silver eyes she has black bat wings and has on a black shirt and black shorts she also has on black tennis shoes and she has a red ribbon tied in her hair she also looks 12*  hay Natasha why are you out here all by your self.
Crystalic Natasha:  oh hello Gilea I
Railway Series/Thomas And Friends Senshi by tophxomi Lazy Afternoon by Woodfencer-R

The group where regular commenters have decided to exchange their feature slots for some of their favorites:

Shinning Knight by Porforever Mystery Shack by Sillyselly The Celestial Night by Huussii MLP Mane-iac by AlexCroft1991 Landscape 2 by Yakovlev-vad Request Bobby for Raakone by demolitionfoxX Pin-Up Art - Gaige Sleepwear Alt by Cokomon Amtrak's Great Dome 10031... Plus me. by mistyice Afternoon lesson by CloudyCrayon Duncan E-Claw by SpaceshipLewis

And after several months of not having any, welcome to our newest watchers!

:iconsirnyanward: OC: Maria De la Forte by SirNyanward OC: Jaden by SirNyanward Mother of.... by SirNyanward
:iconxxcherlinasiblingsxx: Say Cheese!!! by xXCherlinaSiblingsXx Hei. by shinestars Gift for bulmabriefs050401~ by xXCherlinaSiblingsXx

Depending on how things go by, I'll see whether I return to the monthly model for November, or skip it again and include those on December. Anyways, if you've participated frequently on it, please let me know: do you like being featured here? Do you look forward to it?

And as I discussed last month (if you ever read it), I'm seriously considering to stop updating dA starting 2015 in favor of other social media profiles, like the Friendsies FB page, maybe a Tumbl, Instagram and eventually a dedicated website. But in no case will my profile be deleted...

See you again on next month's feature and take care!


Chema Mtz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome to the world of the Friendsies!

The Friendsies is the group of 8 young girls who are the main characters of most of the lovely drawings you see on this page. They have a great deal of fun among themselves, and even if they're at ease together with each other they absolutely love to meet new people whenever there's a chance. So what are you waiting to follow their every day adventures? Just take a look at all they have done and stay tuned to what they still plan to do! Even if this might not be your favorite art style or theme, there could be something from the Friendsies that you could relate either to yourself or someone you know...

All Friendsies art (Ludy, Shannon, Aida, Dora, Sita, Mari Fer, Nuria and Flora, as well as Lillian, Renata, Valeria and any other future supporting characters) ©Chema Mtz (Yitzin) Any other characters are the property of their respective owners, which are always submitted as fanart and properly credited if their owners are fellow deviants.

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